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Attorney Matt Fech recently won a Motion to Suppress of un-Mirandized statements of his client in an OWI Investigation.  As result, the State of Indiana dismissed the operating while intoxicated (OWI) charges because without the client’s statement, the State could not prove its case by proof beyond a reasonable doubt.  Needless to say, his client was extremely happy to have this matter resolve favorably for them and to have the matter dismissed and put behind them. You can read the order here!

Porter County assessor pleads guilty to federal tax charge

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2 men dodge jail time in towing bribery case that took down Lake County sheriff

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Client Receives a Favorable Resolution to a Murder Charge!

Murder charges carries a possible penalty of 45-65 years. This was an agreed term of 15 years.  He’ll serve 7.5 years and he already served 688 days.

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Man Facing 6-20 Years in Prison, Receives 3 years of Probation

Attorney Matthew Fech obtained a favorable resolution for a client charged with a B Felony, Sexual Misconduct with a Minor which could have resulted in a prison sentence ranging from 6-20 years.  After a thorough investigation into the allegations, Attorney Fech discovered his client had a “reasonable belief” that the alleged victim was 16 years of age, the age of consent in the State of Indiana.  As a result, Attorney Fech obtained a favorable plea agreement to a D felony for his client which resulted in a a 3 year probationary sentence.  In addition, should the client successfully complete his probation, he can apply to have the D felony reduced to an “A” misdemeanor.

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Attorney Matthew Fech Obtains A Favorable Plea Agreement For His Client!!

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Gary, Indiana man charged with murder (45-65 years) pleads to B felony voluntary manslaughter with an agreed term of 6 years.

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Thompson v. State, 15 N.E.2d 1097 (Ind. Ct. App. 2014)

The Indiana Court of Appeals overturned Attorney Matthew Fech’s client’s convictions today for rape and criminal deviate conduct that resulted in a 60 year aggregate sentence.  The Court of Appeals found that due to the trial court’s decision to allow the State to introduce evidence of a prior, unrelated sexual assault that the Mr. Thompson was likely prejudiced and that his conviction should be reversed.  The case was remanded back to the trial court for further proceedings.  You can read the decision here –

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State of Indiana v. Ronald Thompson – Mr. Thompson was charged with raping his ex-girlfriend as an A Felony and faced 20-50 years in prison.  The first jury found Mr. Thompson guilty of the lesser included offenses of criminal confinement and sexual battery, both as C Felonies; however, they hung on the rape count.   The State of Indiana chose to re-try Mr. Thompson on the rape count and the second jury acquitted him of the charge, despite the presence of DNA matching Mr. Thompson’s profile. Ultimately, Mr. Thompson was sentenced to serve 4 years on each of the C Felonies, to be run concurrent with one another.

State of Indiana v. Jorrell Jackson – Mr. Jackson was charged with arson, as a class B Felony.  This meant Mr. Jackson was facing 6-20 years in prison.  The State also sought to enhance Mr.  Jackson’s sentence by filing a Habitual Offender specification, which could have resulted in Mr. Jackson receiving an additional 10 to 30 years on his sentence.  After a week long trial, a jury returned a verdict of not guilty in around 90 minutes.  Part of the evidence the State of Indiana used was an apology letter purportedly written by the Defendant while in jail and sent to the victims.[removed]opinions/pdf/12051301mgr.pdf

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